5 Reasons Why Millennials Become Their Own Boss

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Today while scrolling through Facebook I saw four Lularoe posts, two blogger posts, three Beachbody posts and a Lipsense post.  Chances are your Facebook looks pretty similar!  Some people find all these posts pretty annoying but I’m going to tell you why I support these #girlbosses and why so many people, mostly women, are turning to these companies for work.  Read on to see the 5 reasons why millennials become their own boss!5 Reasons why millennials are giving up the traditional career for something more exciting!

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5 Reasons Why Millennials Become Their Own Boss

1 – Our work isn’t valued.

Millennials are a special kind of people.  And I don’t mean special as in special little snowflakes (although one could make the argument).  The thing about millennials is that they like to have an influence on things.  They like to have their voice heard.  They like to know that they are making a difference.  This is just something that doesn’t happen very often in the corporate world.  They are some lucky individuals out there who actually make a difference but for most of us, no one at the top even knows our name.  And that just doesn’t sit well with us.  Millennials will look for other ways in which they can make a difference and that includes starting their own business over something they are passionate about.

2 – We want more time to do things we WANT to do.

Let’s be real.  No one LIKES working a 9-5 job.  My parents didn’t, my grandparents didn’t, and chances are those before them didn’t like it either.  The difference is young adults now days are DOING something about it.  My parents were forced into this bubble where everyone works 40 hours a week and anything different than that was just unacceptable and weird.  But my generation isn’t willing to accept that norm.  We want more time to do things we actually enjoy and we recognize that we can’t do that if we’re working for someone else.  Being your own boss is the only way to set your own hours.

3 – We like to fantasize about financial freedom.

We are the generation of financial burden and we crave financial freedom.  Every single one of my friends has debt the size of Alaska.  We all went to college because we were told we would make more money that way and we’d have better careers but now we have so much debt that a large portion of millennials won’t even move out of their  parents’ homes.  There are the lucky ones who have great jobs that pay well but paying off mountains of debt takes a LONG time even if you’re making six figures.  You know how what has the potential to make more than six figures?  Owning a business and diving into a side hustle.

4 – The corporate world doesn’t allow us to express our creativity.

Millennials are actually really bright individuals when you don’t stifle their brain activity.  Unfortunately, asking them to show up and sit at a desk for 8 hours while repeating the same tasks over and over is stifling their brain activity.  There’s a reason why companies like Google are considered the best work environments and it’s because they allow their employees to be their best selves.  When millennials don’t get that in their workplace, they start looking elsewhere.

5 – The opportunities are endless.

Is owning your own business hard?  Yes.  Is working 8 hours for somebody who doesn’t know your name hard?  Yes.  There’s definitely a chance of failure when owning your own business but there’s also an incredible opportunity that us millennials like to dream about.  Only one in a million will make it but we’re determined to be that one.  While other generations have focused on the likelihood of failure, our generation is focused on the possibility of success.

What kind of business do you own?  I’d love to hear about your experiences!

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