Blog Resources

Welcome to my Blog Resources Page!

These are some of my favorite blog resources and I’ve also included some for personal finance and budgeting!  FYI – some of these may be affiliate links but I promise to only list the ones I LOVE!  I will continue to add new resources as I come across them!

Blogging Basics

SiteGround – SiteGround is the web hosting service that I use.  I did a lot of research before choosing one and what I like most is that their customer service is superior and they rarely ever have downtime (aka your blog will always be up).  Set up was very easy – I have a post about it here!  They also have an amazing affiliate program that has helped me earn income pretty quickly, even as a new blogger!  I recommend the most basic plan which is only $3.95 a month!

Ivorymix – This site is where I get 90% of my photos to use on my blog and social media and it’s free!  The designs are PERFECT for me and I can edit them the way I like.  The best part is that I don’t have to worry about copy write issues.  Just sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get freebies too!

Make Money Blogging

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing – Michelle earns more than $50,000 a month and most of it is through affiliate marketing.  Which means she’s clearly the go-to girl to learn from.  This course is full of helpful information and I love that she really goes into detail on how to maximize your affiliate marketing earnings potential.  One of my favorite parts about taking this course is that you also get to join her private Facebook group which is the most informational Facebook group I’ve been a part of so far.  She’s always readily available to answer your questions!

SendOwl – If you’re looking to create an eBook to go along with your blog then I recommend SendOwl!  They have multiple plans to choose from and I also love that there’s an option to allow for affiliates for your own book!

Social Media Strategies

MailerLite – This is the second email subscription service that I’ve used.  The first one was MailChimp so my experience comes from comparing the two.  This is a great service to start with because you can have 1,000 subscribers for free!  I also love that the automation service is free too because email courses are a great way to attract new subscribers and I used to have to pay with MailChimp (although I believe they provide this for free now too).

Tailwind – I still haven’t quite grasped the whole Pinterest thing but if you’re familiar with the blogging community, it is pretty clear that Pinterest is the way to growth.  TailWind allows you to schedule your pins so you don’t spend a ton of time doing it manually!

Personal Finance/Budgeting

Acorns App – I’ve been using this app for years to slowly invest my spare change.  It’s amazing what a little bit at a time can do!  Once you start investing, there is a $1 fee per month.  Excluding that fee, I still have about a 5% growth rate!

Credit Karma – This is another site that I’ve been using for a very long time.  Even at a young age I’m very proud of my excellent credit score!  If you’ve ever seen the commercials on TV where they say “there’s no catch,” they actually mean that!  I’ve never paid a cent to use this site and there are no hard pulls on your credit report!  Also, when it came time to purchase a new vehicle I realized that Credit Karma is very accurate!