How to Earn Income Your First Week as a Blogger

You might be crazy if you don’t want to earn income your first week as a blogger.  I’ve been dreaming about blogging full time for awhile now.  I knew it would take hard work, dedication and time.  So I was completely surprised to find that within a week of starting my blog I already earned some income!

Not everyone blogs for profit but if you would like to earn an income in your first week as well then keep reading to find out how I accomplished this first step!

I’ll break it down for you step-by-step exactly what I did that helped me earn my first paycheck in less than a week.

Earn income your first week as a blogger.


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January 2017 Income Roundup

As my blog is just in the beginning stage and I don’t have much income to report, I wanted to do a post that rounds up some income reports from various bloggers.  Whether they make six figures or less than $100, it’s a good way to gauge the possibilities for your own blog!  Or if you haven’t started a blog yet, maybe this will convince you that it’s time to get one set up!

Some things to note – this is not an all inclusive list obviously but I wanted to give you a range so you can see that not every blogger starts out making a full time income.  They all start off small and grow through time and effort.  These are listed in order from smallest to largest.  I’ve only posted revenue figures but I can tell you the most if not all of these bloggers have expenses such as hosting, promotions, premiums services, etc. and they vary based on personal preference.  Lastly, I tried to give a little background on each such as the types of revenue streams these bloggers use but please feel free to click on each of them for even more detail as to how they earn an income!


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