February 2017 Income Roundup

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Welcome to the February 2017 Income Roundup!  Since my blog is just in the beginning stage and I don’t have much income to report, I wanted to do a post that rounds up some income reports from various bloggers.  Whether they make six figures or less than $100, it’s a good way to gauge the possibilities for your own blog!  Or if you haven’t started a blog yet, maybe this will convince you that it’s time to get one set up!

First of all, some things to note – this is not an all inclusive list obviously but I wanted to give you a range so you can see that not every blogger starts out making a full time income.  They all start off small and grow through time and effort.  In addition, these are listed in order from smallest to largest.  I’ve only posted revenue figures but I can tell you the most if not all of these bloggers have expenses such as hosting, promotions, premiums services, etc. and they vary based on personal preference.  Finally, I tried to give a little background on each such as the types of revenue streams these bloggers use but please feel free to click on each of them for even more detail as to how they earn an income!


Below you will find the February 2017 Income Roundup!

Start a Blog for Profit :: $364

This is a relatively newer blog and I love that they share the exact same goals as I do!

Affiliates: $299

Product Sales: $42

Advertising: $23

Arts & Classy :: $1,903

Arts & Classy is a cute blog with lots of home decor ideas and DIY!

Advertising: $765

Affiliates: $1,138

Ali’s Adventure :: $3,908

Ali is a traveling addict! The best part about being a blogger? You can do it from anywhere!  This is just the earnings from her blog.  She also does virtually assistant work and freelance posts which weren’t included in her earnings.

Advertising: $2,108

Affiliates: $1,794

Product Sales: $6

The Million Dollar Mama :: $4,915

This blog by Ashli has a wide variety of topics from blogging to family to healthy living. It seems like she’s cracked the code on affiliate marketing!

Affiliates: $4,737

Advertising: $178

Rebekah Allan :: $5,887

You can tell that Rebekah Allan is a lover of sweets! She’s got a cake blog called AngelFoods.net and I definitely wish I could get my hands on one of those cupcakes right now!

Product Sales: $2,628

Mentoring: $1,218

Affiliates: $1,420

Advertising: $621

Making Sense of Cents :: $160,211

Michelle (the lovely lady who runs this blog) is a serious inspiration of mine!  In the future I would love to make six figures just in a year so this is just so incredible to me that she makes it in one month!  I also love how diversified her income is.  Here’s a little breakdown:

Affiliate Income: $100,151

Product Sales: $44,051

Sponsorship/Advertising: $16,009

As you can see, there is no one way that is “right” for how to monetize your blog!  You can do whatever feels right to you whether it’s relying on ads or creating products of your own to sell.  I hope you enjoyed the February 2017 income roundup and maybe it will help you to come up with a strategy and set goals for next month!

If you’d like to be considered to be included in next month’s round up, please send a link to your income report to me at contact@blogsandbudgets.com

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  1. Question….How much is your blog making. You have hints for making money the first week and I’m interested to find out how you are doing. Thx

    1. Hey there! My April 2017 Income Roundup will include my own income! I hope to grow from there 🙂 Be sure to check it out once it’s posted! I’ll give you a hint though: In my first month of blogging I made a few affiliate sales along with advertising and I made $100+

  2. Definitely blogging goals haha. I’m also a new blogger, and have been pretty excited getting my first payment (under $50)! But we all have to start somewhere. Seeing other bloggers be successful like this motivates me even more!

  3. Great post and so inspiring! There’s so much to learn from these types of posts and the bloggers you’ve listed. Thanks for sharing.

  4. At first I thought it was very surprising that bloggers share such personal information as their income, but after reading through these posts I can see how it helps motivate not only their readers but themselves as well. There’s something about publishing numbers that holds you accountable and pushes you to grow 🙂

    Gennifer Rose | http://www.GenniferRose.com

  5. That’s interesting to see how many blogs are making great money from affiliates when many people push selling your own product over that income stream. Thanks for the read!

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