How to Stay Focused While Working from Home

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Many of my readers are bloggers or other types of girl bosses.  Working from home can be tough so here are my tips on how to stay focused while working from home!

Wake up early.

I know this sounds really rough. Isn’t one of the points of being your own boss is that you can sleep in? Apparently not! The fact is that if you get up earlier, you’ll have more time that is uninterrupted by significant others, children, errands, etc. Getting up an hour or two earlier means you can tackle those tasks that you’re least looking forward to and just get them out of the way so that the rest of your day is open for less stressful work.

Workout or get moving.

This is one of my FAVORITE things to do in the morning! Working out gets your mind and body in the right place to get work done. It is a proven fact that many top CEOs and entrepreneurs get up early and workout to get their day started. Working out trains your mind and helps you improve your ability to take control of your dedication and motivation! Plus working out also helps improve brain activity. It’s a win win!

Put on real clothes.

This doesn’t mean that you have to put on a suit but you also shouldn’t work in your pajamas. Shower, get ready and put on some real clothes (even if it’s just leggings). I’m sure I’m not the only one who just feels lazy when I haven’t changed out of the clothes I’ve slept in. All I want to do is watch Netflix! So of course you’re also not going to be in the mood to work if you haven’t changed. Trust me, it’ll help you get in the right mindset.

Define your workspace.

I’m so guilty of breaking this rule. I love to work on my iPad in front of the TV. This is a TERRIBLE thing to do! Even if you don’t have a home office, you should try to devote an area just to your work. Again, this well help put you in the right mindset because when you sit down to your desk a little switch in your brain is going to click on and put you into work mode.

Write down your goals in an easily visible space.

Have you ever heard of a goal board or vision board? It’s basically a poster or board of all your dreams that you want to achieve. There’s just something about having those things visible in front of you on a regular basis that will remind you of WHY you’re working so hard! For instance, one of my main goals is to be able to quit my job and move closer to my family. This is something that is SO important to me and seeing it everyday gives me motivation to keep going. You can write these goals down or you can find pictures to represent your goals.

Eliminate distractions.

Again, I’m very guilty of breaking this rule. Turn OFF the TV! If you’re a stay at home mom as well, maybe you need to sit down while the kids are napping and get to work. If you know you have errands to run that day or other chores around the house, write them all down and then FORGET about them until you’re done with work. This way, you won’t worry that you’re forgetting something but you also don’t need to be thinking about it while you should be focused on work.

Silence your phone and all other forms of communication.

This goes along with eliminating distractions. If you’re phone is ringing, vibrating or even just lighting up on your desk next to you, I can almost guarantee that you will be distracted and your concentration will break. This is BAD! You should also think about closing extra tabs on your browser like Facebook and if you have some sort of chat application then close that too or set it to “busy”.

Schedule work hours.

Part of being your own boss means you get to have freedom and flexibility when it comes to the hours that you work. But to the extent that you can, you should still set specific hours. This will ensure that you have time set aside on a daily or weekly basis so you complete your tasks. If you have a crazy schedule and can’t always work the same hours each day, there is an alternative. You can schedule your week based on tasks. This is actually the way I do it since I also work full-time! I write out all the tasks I want to accomplish for the week and then divide them between my working days. This way I still complete my tasks but I can do them whenever I have a break in my hectic schedule.

Take breaks.

It is really hard to work a full day without breaks. Schedule a few breaks to help you breathe, stretch and refocus. Your mind needs breaks too! When you feel yourself starting to day dream just get up and move for a few minutes. You’ll feel much better!

Make daily or weekly checkpoints.

Daily or weekly checkpoints are a great way to keep yourself on track. It’s pretty simple. If you accomplished everything then your strategy is working. If you missed your goals then you need to reevaluate. Don’t feel bad if you missed a few checkpoints. Just consider how you can do better in the future.

Reward yourself when you reach weekly or monthly goals.

Many people are motivated by rewards.  In addition to setting goals, you want to give yourself  a little motivation to complete them!  Of course, everyone is different so pick a reward that’s appealing to you.  It could be anything from a spa day to a mini vacation for bigger goals.  This will definitely help you stay motivated!

Do you have any other tricks and tips that help you work from home?  I’d love to hear them in the comments!

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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thank for sharing your tips for staying focused while we work from home. I was really bad at taking breaks and never found the time to work out.

    This might seem weird but – I got by the TV shows. When a show ends it’s been 30 minutes so I get up. I do squats, leg lifts and use weights to tone the arms. My daughter noticed a change the other day so that motivated me to keep going. 🙂

    Great tips! Passing this along!

    Hope you’re having a great week!


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