Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

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Are you thinking about taking the course – Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing?  I took the time to put together my honest review after taking the course myself!  It’s a widely-known course among bloggers and for a good reason.  I’ll share what I liked best and also what I didn’t really like.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing Review

First, the Bad

I’m actually going to start with what I didn’t like because there are more pros than cons.  First off, I’m not a fan of the cost.  It’s a large investment – almost $200!  But I figured if I was going to turn my blog into a full-time income then it was something worth investing in.  Not everyone has $200 to spend though.  Luckily, Michelle offers a payment plan if you’re really interested in signing up.

The one other thing that I didn’t like is that some of the material is very high level.  I had been doing a ton of research on affiliate marketing before I signed up for the course.  There were several parts that I felt like I had already learned for free elsewhere and weren’t really necessary for me to read again (and this time at a cost).  Be prepared to feel the same way if you’ve been doing a lot of research beforehand as well.

Now the  positive points!

One of my favorite parts about the course is actually Michelle’s private Facebook group.  Yes, the course offers a ton of information but I feel like I’ve actually learned the most from this group.  Michelle and other top notch bloggers are always there to answer questions not only related to affiliate marketing but also about blogging in general!  It’s also an option to clarify anything you were confused about in the course.

In addition, there are several helpful hints and action items that I learned from the course.  I won’t be sharing them here because that’s the whole point of enrolling 😉 Here’s what I like though – the fact that she tells you EXACT steps to take.  Many guides or courses give very abstract information and you’re left wondering what you’re supposed to do with it all.  Not the case here.  It’s very obvious what you’re supposed to be doing with all the information.

I also really loved that the information was coming from someone who is the best at affiliate marketing.  I don’t follow a ton of other bloggers but I do follow Michelle and her income reports.  It’s easy to see that if she’s making $50,000 consistently from affiliate marketing then she definitely knows what she’s talking about!

Lastly, I really loved that Michelle lets you become an affiliate for the course after you’ve gone though it.  By referring a couple of people to the course, you can earn back all your money spent on your own enrollment.  I thought this was a kind gesture since the price is so steep!

I hope you’ve found this Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing review to be helpful.  Please comment and share!

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