Pinterest Traffic Tips :: 23 Helpful Hints for Massive Growth

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If you’re a blogger you must know by now that Pinterest is arguably the best way to grow your traffic!  I’ve put together a list of 23 Pinterest traffic tips to help you get started!

Pinterest Traffic Tips :: Helpful Hints for Massive Growth

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Switch to a Business Profile

Switching to a business profile gives you several advantages.  The most important one being that you can view analytics!  This will also allow you to run ads if you choose to go that route.  To set up a business account or convert your existing personal account head over to the Pinterest Business Site.

Verify Your Website

Verifying your website lets Pinterest and the rest of the world know that you are the real deal!  Plus when you have a business profile you’ll be able to see analytics but when you verify your site you’ll also be able to look at analytics for JUST your website (aka you’ll see your top performing pins).  If you need help verifying your site just follow these instructions.

Choose a Professional Profile Picture

This may seem like a silly step but just take a second to think about it.  How much more likely are you to follow someone who has a clean and neat picture of their face as their profile picture?  Doesn’t it just scream “this person knows their stuff”?  You’ll come off as more credible and that will translate into more followers!  You can actually get by without paying a professional photographer.  Just be sure to take a quality photo of your face!  You can’t tell but mine is actually a selfie that I took and then erased the background to create a clean white look!

Pinterest Profile Example

Add Keywords to Your Name

Keywords are like the SEO for Pinterest.  In other words, if you want your name to be seen when people search, you need to be using the right keywords.  So take a minute to think about what your blog is about.  Now add those specific words to your name on Pinterest.  For example – my name is “Rachel Marie | Blogs & Budgets” which just so happens to be the name of my blog but it’s also the topics I blog about!

Add a Descriptive Bio

A descriptive bio will help viewers know exactly what they’re getting into when they view your profile!  Add a short and simple description about what you do and what you have to offer!  It’s also helpful to include a link to your blog or website.

Arrange Your Boards

Again, this is helpful when viewers first visit your page.  They’ll be able to see the types of things you pin so you want to make sure to leave a good impression!  Arrange the most relevant boards to be up top so they’re the first ones people see.

Be Aware of Your Brand

In addition to paying attention to the order of your boards, you should also be thinking about the theme of your page.  You can create covers for each of your boards to help give your a page a more cohesive look.  It may not seem like much but trust me, pages with a specific design are more likely to reel in new followers.

Hide Your Personal Boards

If you want to be a professional blogger then you need to appear to be one.  I’m a huge lover of Pinterest for my own personal ideas and wishlists but my readers don’t need or want to see them.  I keep some boards visible based on my niche but I create secret boards that are for my benefit only.  This is a very simple setting you can change in your boards and it won’t affect what you’ve already pinned.

Make Boards SEO Friendly

Just like your blog, your Pinterest needs to be optimized if you want it to be seen by people who are searching.  Use descriptive names for each of your boards!  Use keywords that are relevant, describe your board and are likely the words that people would use in their searches.  This applies to both the board name and the board description!

Join Group Boards

This can be a tricky task.  I’ve struggled to find boards that are relevant and that are still accepting contributors.  However, it is SO important to join group boards in order to get your pins seen by more viewers.  Also, other contributors from those same group boards could repin your pins and get them seen by even MORE viewers.  There is one way that I’ve been able to successfully join more group boards and that is by joining Facebook groups first.  Then, in these groups people will often post about their group boards that they own OR you can make a post about what types of boards you’re looking for and owners can come to you.

Create Your Own Group Board

If you’re having trouble finding the right group boards to join just create your own!  Create the types of boards that will be relevant to your own content or areas that you’re interested in.  Then use those helpful Facebook groups to open up to more contributors.

Pin Consistently

Remember, you’re a professional now.  Do you think brands like Target pin for a day and then don’t pin again for a month?  WRONG.  Successful accounts are out there pinning every day.  If you don’t have time for that I strongly recommend setting up Tailwind (we’ll talk more about this later) so that you can schedule them ahead of time.

Provide Value

Another helpful hint is to think about how your pins provide value.  It’s not a good idea to just spam your followers with pins that try to sell or convince them to sign up for something (although those can be helpful too).  Provide value for your followers and they’ll keep coming back for more!

Use Rich Pins

Using rich pins will help make your pins more noticeable.  The title of your post will be BOLD and your pin will also include the title of your blog!  If you’re using an SEO plugin like SEO Yoast, your pin will also include your “Snippet” aka a nice little description about the post!  Now readers can see what your post is about and are therefore more likely to click or pin for later!

Pin with Keywords

I don’t know how many times I can say it.  Keywords are SO important!  Include them in your pin descriptions as well in order to get more views through related pins and searches!

Update Old Pins

If you’ve been blogging for awhile (or even if you’re pretty new to it) there may be some old pins that aren’t so pretty.  Go back through and update them to be more eye-catching!  A revamped look will bring in some new viewers and it could even grab the attention of old followers since it appears to be a new pin!  Also, take some time to update those descriptions and add keywords like we talked about!

Pin More Than Your Own Content

If you never share more than your own posts, your followers are going to notice.  Ideally you can share 80% of your own and 20% from others.  For newer bloggers you might even share less than 80% until you have more posts.  You don’t want your followers to get bored of seeing the same things every day.

Pinterest “Friendly” Images

The ideal Pinterest image is vertical and has just enough words to describe what readers are about to click on.  There have been some recent adjustments to Pinterest so that your feed has less descriptions and more images.  That means it’s a good idea to make sure your graphic has enough to describe your content but not too much.  Too much wording can be hurtful since most people won’t stop to read.  They’ll just keep scrolling.  I like to use Canva because they have Pinterest templates that you can use!

Follow Others in Your Niche

Following others in your niche will help you in a couple ways.  First, it’ll give you more content to repin.  Remember we talked about needing to pin more than just your own content?  Second, it’s a great way to network and others in your niche will start following you back as well.  And if they’re following then there’s the chance that they’ll be repinning your content too!

Link to Your Pinterest Account

There are times when it’ll make sense to include a link to your Pinterest account in a blog post.  If the opportunity arises, take it!  For instance, I’ve written this very detailed post about increasing your Pinterest traffic and I think now would be a good time to say “hey, why don’t you follow me on Pinterest to see how I put all these tips to great use!”  See what I did there?

Use Tailwind to Save Time

It’s hard to set aside time each day to pin, especially if you’re only blogging part time! Tailwind is a great tool that I use to schedule my pins in advance.  I typically schedule an entire week and aim for about 20-30 pins per day.  Pinterest rewards those who are more active by showing your pins more frequently in the feed!  You can try Tailwind for free if you use my link!

Run Promotions

This isn’t something I would recommend for everyone but I do think it can be helpful!  Unfortuntely, promoting your pins does cost money and it’s a little bit of trial and error but if you hit the right spot it can be a huge boost to your traffic!  I would recommend starting out with a very small budget until you figure out what works and what doesn’t.

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