Top Plugins for New Bloggers

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Congratulations on starting a blog!  It’s hard to know where to start but to help make it easier I’ve compiled a list of top plugins for new bloggers!  These are my favorites and I think you’ll find them very useful.

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Yoast SEO

SEO sounds terrifying if you ask me.  Quite frankly, I know nothing about it but Yoast SEO helps me make sure that all my posts are “SEO friendly”!  SEO is basically making sure that search engines find related content on your blog which translates to more page views for your targeted niche!  Therefore, it’s very important to master but can be difficult to figure out.  That’s why I recommend Yoast SEO not only for those just starting out but also seasoned bloggers!


Shareaholic is one of the first plugins I installed!  There are two things that I absolutely love about this plugin.  First, it allows you to add those fancy share buttons to your site.  I tried out several different plugins and this was the first that allowed me to customize it exactly how I wanted without paying for it!  Secondly, I love Shareaholic’s “related posts” feature.  I use this to include a mix of my own posts and outside posts!  When readers click those outside posts, I get commission!  This was the first way I started earning money on my brand new blog so it’s worth checking out!


BackupGuard speaks for itself.  I use the free version to backup my blog however often I feel necessary.  I like to backup before making significant changes, before updating plugins and other various times to make sure I don’t lose any of my content!  There’s tons of backup plugins to choose from but I like the clean and simple feel of this one.


Wordfence is another “behind the scenes” plugin you need to be using.  I use Wordfence to check security on my blog.  It warns me for things like malicious software, log in attempts and outdated files on my site.  This may not seem very important because it runs in the background but security is very important when your blog becomes your livelihood!

Google Analytics (MonsterInsights)

I’ll admit, I don’t use Google Analytics very often but many advertisers and affiliate marketing companies do.  Even opportunities for sponsored posts may inquire how many pageviews you have and the universal measuring tool is Google Analytics.  This plugin will help you set up and link your Google Analytics account.

Pretty Link

I recommend downloading the Pretty Link plugin ASAP even if you won’t need it until further down the road.  Pretty Link is very useful for those in affiliate marketing.  It’s important to use Pretty Link for any affiliate links because you can change the link to something more trustworthy (i.e. vs  It’s also going to be easier in the future, if for some reason your affiliate link changes you can change it once within the plugin instead of finding EVERY post it’s included in and updating it there.  Lastly, this plugin allows you to see how many clicks your links are getting which is useful information when evaluating your affiliates’ performance.

FMTC Affiliate Disclosure

The majority of bloggers are making money through affiliate income.  If that includes you then you absolutely HAVE to have a disclosure.  I’m not talking about it being “highly suggested,” I’m talking about getting into legal trouble if you don’t.  I like that this plugin doesn’t include the disclosure on your blog feed but once you click a post it’s included on EVERY single one automatically!  You can customize the wording and even include a link to a full disclosure!

Jetpack by WordPress

This plugin is so integrated that at first I didn’t even realize I had downloaded a separate plugin.  I thought this was something that came standard with WordPress but somewhere along the line I must’ve agreed to something! I mostly use Jetpack for moderating comments and checking my site views!

Were these top plugins for new bloggers useful to you?  Please pin or share!

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  1. Omg I’ve never heard of the affiliate disclosure plugin. I absolutely need that because I’m just getting started with affiliate marketing and really need to work on all that disclosure stuff. It’s the least fun part so I keep putting it off 🙁

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